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For the Crayta July 2022 - Mega Game Jam - 'Champions'

Choose your Specialist to compete in a football match like no other. Each specialist has two abilities to manipulate either the ball, the stadium, other players or themselves. Choose wisely!

About My Game

Welcome! This is my first game created in Crayta. 

I remixed a game called "Crayta Soccer" by Daigoro, which is a football/soccer game. I remixed this game and made it my own. Below is a list of everything I have done.

  • For the Champions theme I have added four specialist characters for you to play as.
  • Each specialist has 2 abilities.
    • Speedster
      • Super Speed (Increases your sprint speed)
      • "Stuck in the mud" (Slows down (sprint speed) of the other team)
    • Hopper
      • Increases your jump multiplier
      • Make the ball bounce up (Too avoid a player or score a goal)
    • Teleporter
      • Teleport yourself to the other end of the stadium
      • Teleport the ball to the other end of the stadium
    • Tilt
      • Tilt the stadium to the side, to make the ball roll in the opposite direction
      • Tilt the stadium downwards towards the opposition goal.
  • Each specialist ability will last from 5 -10 seconds with a 30 second cooldown.
  • You can select your specialist in the lobby
  • I have increased the size of the football and removed the kicking features. Just move the ball with your character
  • I have added 3 goals in both ends of the stadium. 
    • The lowest goal, bronze, equals 1 goal
    • The middle goal, silver, equals 2 goals
    • The Highest goal, gold, equals 3 goals
  • I have added a new stadium with a new pitch, scenery and ramps to reach the higher goals.
  • I have added a new lobby area.
  • I have created a radio that play different music tracks every 2 minutes. Keeps things fresh.
  • I added a results camera
  • Players positions now reset when a goal has been scored
  • Removed team score adjustments
  • Fixed ball spawning and despawning infinite loop bug
  • Improved spawning by removing redundant code
  • Improved goal messages. Made them shorter and more inclusive.
  • Fixed the scoring bug where the score could be a decimal number
  • Fixed the own goal scoring bug that meant a teams score would decrease and go into missus numbers
  • Removed custom packages

I have learnt so much from this game jam. My game is not perfect. I ran out of time to fix a few bugs and improve a few features but I will keep updating this game in the future.  I had some much fun making this game and I hope you have some fun playing my game. Thank you Crayta!

Current Version: [Alpha] [0.40.0]

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