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Life Grows On is a RPG game in development. You will play as a botanist who is forced to flee a cruel government and start a new life by creating a new, remote community. You must ensure your independence and encourage others to join your new home.

The first two missions are only available at the moment.

You can play this game Here (https://launch.crayta.com/play/fdc8pcqv)

Assets used: Farming Blueprint by Vilva#9953 (From the August 2022 Crayta Build Jam “Living City” ); Quests v2 by mochi; Screen Fade by AdamO_Crayta; Cybotanica Taxi Service by Me (From the August 2022 Crayta Build Jam “Living City” )


"You're a botanist. Your research has led to the creation of plants that can grow anything a human may desire. Food that grows in an instance. Meds that cure any disease. Materials for solving any problem. It's all possible thanks to you."

"Food and resources are limited to the people. Your research can change this. The government says your time is more valuable if it's spent focusing on weapons. They begin to seize your work. People will starve. You refuse. You're threatened with your life."

"They'll force you to research devastating botany. If you don't comply, they'll beat you or worse. You must flee. You must take your work and start a new life. Maybe others can join you when the time is right."

"You've spotted patrols following you since you left. Hyper speed it is then. Your inexperienced. The settings are all wrong. You lose control. Crash...The jungle is remote, perfect for starting a new life but is it remote enough?"

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