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*** Made for the 'Weekly Game Jam - Week 161' (Theme: Pilot) ***

Juggle Jet

Airline cutbacks have been hard. 

There is only 1 pilot per flight and no cabin crew.

As the only staff member on-board the plane, you must juggle the workload that all the pilots and cabin crew would normally do, such as flying the plane and providing food for passengers, to keep passengers satisfied during the flight. However, you can only do 1 task at once.

Passenger Satisfaction

Passenger Satisfaction is affected by:
- Plane Rotation
- The Total Passenger Requests Completed
- Cleanliness of the Bathroom


Plane rotation is altered in the Cockpit, using (W) and (S).

Leaving the Cockpit causes the plane to slowly rotate downwards, decreasing altitude.

Return to the Cockpit regularly to keep the plane in the air!


The cleanliness of the toilet and sink in the bathroom will decrease during the flight. 

Clean the bathroom regularly to ensure passenger satisfaction.

(Q) (Hold) - Clean Toilet
(E) (Hold) - Clean Sink


Passengers will request drinks and food. Passengers are located in three parts of the plane, front, middle and back. Move to the correct part of the plane to fulfil each request.

(Q) - Give Drink
(E) - Give Food

Cabin Navigation

There are 5 parts of the plane, you can access.

Cockpit, Bathroom, Front Passengers, Middle Passengers and Back Passengers

(↑) (↓) - Walk up and Down the Plane

Auto Pilot

To make juggling all these duties easier, you can earn Auto Pilot to handle flying the plane for you!

Passenger Satisfaction must be above the level's threshold to earn the Auto Pilot Boost.

(A) - Enable Auto Pilot (Cockpit)


- Keep the Plane Steady
- Clean the Bathroom
- Fulfill Passenger Requests
- Maintain Passenger Satisfaction for the entire flight.

Happy Juggling and have a safe flight!


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i'm gonna make a video about this later

Nice! Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Hello all, this is my first game jam. It is also the first time making a 3d game and making 3d models/meshes. I've learnt a lot! I didn't have time to add audio :( But I hope you have fun playing my game :) Jake