A downloadable game

This is my submission for the Crayta October 2022 Game Jam 'Science Fair'. This is a blueprint for an 'Escape Room' game in Crayta. 

You can use this blueprint by searching for 'Escape Room Blueprint (With Puzzle)'

You can also play it as a game here https://launch.crayta.com/play/5r3nzr5s

My Escape Room Blueprint provides you with the tools to build your very own escape room. However, the hard work has already been done for you. Even a working puzzle is provided for you to play! Please modify the puzzle or theme using the provided templates to make you own escape room! I can't wait to see the different types of escape rooms the talented Crayta community will build!

This blueprint includes:

  • A working escape room with a puzzle to solve, with a Harrowing High 'Science Fair' theme 
  • A game manager for an escape room
  • Handles user login
  • Countdown timer
  • Win and lose messages
  • Game guide NPC to provide introduction and repeat clues.
  • Door that is opened with a key Template
  • Door that is opened with a pin code Template
  • Key to open door Template
  • Red herring key Template
  • Inventory with code to put back an item into the world.
  • Hidden code widget, for placing hidden code onto hidden spaces/objects/surfaces
  • Player highlight marker (to highlight objects of interest for the rest of the team to see)
  • Dialogue Text Template