NEW - Google Play Indie Games Festival Top 20 Finalist!

I am so happy to announce that Aisle Trial is a top 20 finalist of the #GooglePlay Indie Games Festival🙌🙌🙌

I've never taken part in anything like this before so I'm really looking forward to the final in Poland! ✈️✈️✈️ Thank you for this opportunity @GooglePlayDev

Aisle Trial : The Supermarket Puzzle Game!


Swipe Through Supermarkets. Collect Every Item. Before Time Runs Out!

40 Levels To Play!


  • There are 40 Levels in total.
  • The first 10 are free to play.
  • The remaining 30 are included in the "Pet Level Pack".
  • The "Pets Level Pack" can be purchased via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for $2.99
  • The "Pets Level Pack" includes levels with 3 exclusive obstacles not found in the first 10 free levels.
  • The "Pets Level Pack" also includes 10 unlockable prizes. 2 Characters (Bennie and Starey). 2 Supermarket Themes. 2 NPC packs. 2 Item Packs and 2 Shopping Trolleys/Carts.


  • There are 3 characters in the game. Buddy, Bennie and Starey. They are my pets!
  • Buddy is a Border Collie Cross (We don't know what he is crossed with). He is 13 and still acts like a puppy :P
  • Bennie was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Bennie past away in the summer of 2018. Aged 11. He loved Peekaboo so Level 7 "Peekaboo" is dedicated to him :D
  • Starey was my gold fish growing up. Most peoples gold fish were flushed down the toilet within a week. But Starey lived for 10 years!


  • During development, the game has evolved from a maze game to a fast paced puzzle game with many obstacles!
  • The player must lead Buddy, Bennie or Starey around a supermarket, pushing a shopping trolley/cart to collect a number of items. 
  • Once every item is collected, rush to the till/checkout to complete the level.
  • Every level has a time limit. Most levels have a time limit of 30 seconds.
  • Obstacles such as other shoppers, security guards, shop assistants, will try and get in your way. Walking through spillages will also slow you down. 
  • Moving Shopping Aisles will change the stores layout. They can also slap your character into other obstacles. So be careful :O
  • Beware of seagulls. They will try and steal your food!
  • Look out for till/checkout closures! You'll have to find another before time is up!
  • Completing all 40 levels will unlock the end scene! A short cinematic sequence to say thank you!

About Me, Jake:

  • I am currently learning game development. 
  • I want to learn 5 types of game development. 2D, Isometric (2D game that looks 3D), 3D, AR and VR.
  • Currently I have made a 2D game called Jetpack Jaunt and an Isometric game called Aisle Trial.
  • I have created an AR art app before but it has not been released to the public.
  • This is my 2nd published game. 
  • This is my first attempt at a isometric game as well as a puzzle game.
  • It's also my first attempt at level design. I found it difficult!
  • Aisle Trial is my first game that has been translated into different languages!


12 Languages:

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Hello all, 

I have updated this page with more info about the game and it's development. 

I have also add more fun GIFs to show off the game!



Hello all, Aisle Trial is my second indie game. I am always shy showing off my games but I am proud of this project and I would love to know how I can improve my game.

Aisle Trial is a supermarket puzzle game, that is free to play above, as well as free to play on iOS and Android, available in 12 languages!

The first 10 levels are free to play and can be played as many times as you would like. There is also a purchasable level pack called the "Pets level pack" dedicated to my pets. The level pack contains 30 levels with 3 exclusive obstacles, and 10 unlockable prizes. Completing every level will unlock a secret scene! The "Pets level pack" is only available on iOS and Android.

If you have a few minutes to spare, please consider downloading and playing my supermarket puzzle game!

Thank you