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Aisle Trial : The Supermarket Puzzle Game!

Aisle Trial is a 2d isometric, supermarket puzzle game. Players must navigate each supermarket puzzle to find required items, before reaching the checkout to complete the level. There are 40 levels to play that introduce new and challenging obstacles as the player progresses. Players can test their skills by playing the 'Timer' game mode that limits your time to complete a level, or relax with unlimited time by playing the 'No Timer' mode and experience each supermarket at your own pace! With multiple prizes to unlock and free content regularly being added, give our supermarkets a try!


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Hello all, 

I have updated this page with more info about the game and it's development. 

I have also add more fun GIFs to show off the game!



Hello all, Aisle Trial is my second indie game. I am always shy showing off my games but I am proud of this project and I would love to know how I can improve my game.

Aisle Trial is a supermarket puzzle game, that is free to play above, as well as free to play on iOS and Android, available in 12 languages!

The first 10 levels are free to play and can be played as many times as you would like. There is also a purchasable level pack called the "Pets level pack" dedicated to my pets. The level pack contains 30 levels with 3 exclusive obstacles, and 10 unlockable prizes. Completing every level will unlock a secret scene! The "Pets level pack" is only available on iOS and Android.

If you have a few minutes to spare, please consider downloading and playing my supermarket puzzle game!

Thank you